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To keep your car running young, set up a maintenance schedule at Tire & Brake Clinic in Columbia CT. For car repair, tune-ups, seasonal fluid and belt changes and diagnostic services, go to Tire & Brake Clinic. A good maintenance schedule can keep your vehicle running better, longer. Whatever the weather throws at you while you are on the road, a properly maintained car can perform to specs when conditions are bad. From season to season, there are steps one should take to keep your vehicle running in optimal condition. Dark winding roads at night can become treacherous with a temperature drop of just a few degrees, notably when wet. When you are driving in water standing in the road, hydroplaning is a risk. When driving in wet conditions, keep both hands on the steering wheel and keep your distance from other cars. Should you find yourself hydroplaning, do not accelerate and do not brake suddenly. Steer the vehicle forward and maintain light pressure on the gas pedal.

Have your car fluids, belts, hoses, brakes and tires inspected by the pros at Tire and Brake Clinic. In the Spring, get new windshield wipers, replace your air filter, and replenish your cooling system fluids. Have your brake fluid checked as well. Of course, keep a regular schedule for oil and oil filter changes.

We at Tire and Brake Clinic want to be your tire, brake and auto repair shop. For any auto repair and tire service, bring your car to Tire and Brake Clinic located on Route 66 in Columbia Connecticut. We are open 6 days a week for your convenience. Call us today at 860-228-0212.

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Keep Your Car Running Young | Columbia CT | Tire and Brake Clinic


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