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Tire and Brake Clinic is a top tire dealer serving Andover CT. At Tire and Brake Clinic, we sell many top brands of new tires and quality used tires for your truck or car. Were you aware that many new vehicles no longer include a spare tire at purchase? Getting a flat or having a tire fail on a new car is not unheard of. Don’t wait to have a blowout to discover there’s no spare under the trunk.

An inflation kit and/or a can of sealant in the trunk may give you a little security, but it would be well worth your while to invest in a spare tire soon after your purchase. Tires are expensive, but do not let this sway your decision against the investment. If your wife or teenager gets stranded without a spare in the back, imagine the consequences…

Sealant is a gooey substance in an aerosol can that’s designed to coat the inside of the tire due to centrifugal force once you get rolling again, hopefully sealing the puncture. These products, such as Fix-A-Flat, have been on the market for decades and tend to work pretty well on a minor puncture. They’re not a permanent fix, however. Your speed should be limited after using Fix-A-Flat type products, and you should see about getting the tire repaired or replaced as soon as possible. In addition, most of these products freeze at temperatures below 32 degrees and may not be suitable for use in cold weather.

An other alternative on new vehicles is an on-board compressor which usually plugs into the cigarette lighter. These little compressors actually work quite well and can refill a tire in a few minutes’ time, getting you back on your way again. Many times, a tire which fails at highway speed is going to be shredded by the time you can get off the road, or at least permanently damaged and ruined. No inflation kit or can of sealant can help you in that case. No tire can be repaired if it has a hole in the sidewall or the shoulder. In that case, you’ve got no other choice but to spring for a new tire.

Consider the drive to work on a frigid winter morning pre-dawn, and you drive into a deep invisible pothole. The pothole breaks the steel belt in one or more tires. Now, it’s not fun changing a tire in the winter, but you are out of luck without this option. You could be on your way within 15 minutes if you only had a spare…

Call Tire and Brake Clinic today and get yourself prepared for the flat that always seems to happen at the worst possible time. Call 860-228-0212 today.

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