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Tire and Brake Clinic of Columbia is the leading tire dealer serving Tolland County CT. At Tire and Brake Clinic, we sell many top brands of new tires for your suv, truck or automobile. We are also a reputable dealer of high quality used tires. A blowout can happen any time of the year. Because many new vehicles no longer include a spare tire at purchase, it’s up to you to procure one. Getting a flat or having a tire fail on a new car is not unheard of. Don’t wait to have a blowout to discover there’s no spare under the trunk.

An inflation kit, mini-compressor and/or a can of sealant in the trunk may give you a little peace of mind. However, it would be well worth your while to invest in a spare tire soon after you purchase a vehicle. Tires are expensive, but do not let this sway your decision against the investment. If your wife or teenaged driver gets stranded without a spare handy, imagine the consequences. If one of your tires fails at highway speeds, or you sever a steel belt while driving through the pothole that nearly swallowed your car, there is no substitute for a spare tire. Now, it’s not fun changing a blown tire in the dark, but you are out of luck without a spare at the ready. You could be on your way within 15 minutes if you only had a spare.

In Tolland County your number one dealer for tires is Tire and Brake Clinic. Call 860-228-0212 today and get yourself prepared for the flat that always seems to happen at the worst possible time.

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