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Make Tire & Brake Clinic your tire dealer Windham County. At Tire & Brake Clinic, we know tires. Whether you own a car, truck or SUV, Tire & Brake Clinic will have the brand you are looking for. We have a complete inventory of new tires by the highest quality brands you can buy. If you have an older vehicle and want to save a few bucks, ask about our used tires. If your tires seem to wear unevenly, ask the pros at Tire & Brake on how to prevent this from occurring in the future.

We would like to remind our friends in eastern Connecticut that the first defense against crashes are properly maintained tires. If you cannot tell whether your tires are in good shape, come down and have us inspect them for you. There are a number of things a car owner must do to prevent the most common cause of tire blowouts.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration determined that tires that are underinflated by 25 per cent are three times more likely to be involved in a crash than tires with proper inflation. Underinflated tires may overheat at highway speeds, impair precision handling when turning, or they may split apart while you are driving. We offer a full array of automotive services at Tire & Brake Clinic. We are located on Route 66 in Columbia. Call if you need information: 860-228-0212. Or just stop by – we look forward to meeting you.

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Tire Dealer Windham County | Tire and Brake Clinic

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