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You can save money when you buy used car and truck tires for your Willimantic vehicle. Tire and Brake Clinic has a great selection of the leading tire brands at our Columbia CT shop. Whether you need to replace one or two tires on your truck or just need a spare, come see what we have. Tire and Brake Clinic has a huge variety of used tires. Check out our showroom of quality pre-owned tires from all makes and models.

There are many advantages to purchasing used tires. You can save up to 50% on pre-owned tires that are still in good condition. Putting used tires back on the road is the environmentally responsible thing you can do. You can be certain that our used tire inventory consists of high quality, nationally recognized brands. If you have uneven wear on one or two tires, or you are shopping for a spare tire, give Tire and Brake Clinic a call.

Tire and Brake Clinic in Columbia, CT is here whether you need 1 tire or 4! We know a tire purchase is often unexpected and not in the budget. Let our tire specialists at Tire and Brake Clinic get you safely back on the road. We are here to make your tire buying experience as pain-free as possible. In and near Willimantic your number one dealer for tires is Tire and Brake Clinic. Call 860-228-0212 today and save money buying top quality tires.


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Used Car and Truck Tires | Willimantic CT | Tire and Brake Clinic

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