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Tire and Brake Clinic of Columbia CT is a reputable used tire dealer serving Columbia, Hebron and surrounding towns. We are first in new and used tire sales in the region. We provide front-end alignments, brake services, vehicle maintenance and repairs. Because a new set of tires for your truck, SUV or car can be quite an expense, many people pursue used tires instead. You can take your chances at a junkyard or a roadside yard sale. After all, recycling pre-owned tires can be good for the environment. Do you know how to inspect used tires for tread wear, steel belt integrity, beads damage, punctures, and rubber quality? Before you troll the junkyard for used tires, consider coming to our used tire showroom. You will find safe tires for your vehicle at Tire and Brake Clinic.

Often a tire will fail after driving into a pothole, driving over a sharp object, or after an accident. When you purchase a vehicle that has been sold without a spare, you don’t want to pay full price for a brand new tire. We know a tire purchase is often unexpected and not in the budget, let our professionals get you back on the road. We are here to make your tire buying experience as pain-free as possible. In and near Columbia and Andover your number one dealer for tires is Tire and Brake Clinic. We are the region’s number one source for good used quality tires. Please call us today and we can tell you on the phone if we have your make and model. Call 860-228-0212 today and save money with a new set of preowned tires.

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Used Tire Dealer | Columbia CT, Hebron CT | Tire and Brake Clinic

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